Why Choose Crown

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, Crown Company is “New England’s Most Exciting Auction Action!”

There’s a reason why others try to imitate us! Just attend our auction once and you’ll see the reason! Family owned and operated since 1996, our company has its finger firmly on the pulse of the current secondhand and antiques marketplace, estate liquidations and the auction process. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, let our expertise guide you to success!

For Sellers– Whether you have a single item or are liquidating an entire estate, collection or business we can expertly coordinate and execute a plan that works for you.


Do You Know Which Chair is Worth $150 & Which One is Worth $15,000?

We Do!

Our company has the expertise, the staff, the equipment and most importantly the clientele to make your event successful. What sets us apart from other auction companies is our knowledge and our experience. We conduct over 75 auctions and sell over 100,000 items per year. Whether it be an onsite auction, an auction in one of our facilities, an estate sale or a purchase of your of your items, we have the tools and clientele to maximize the value of your estate or business property.

Our large clientele is based in New England and extends throughout the United States and internationally.  We have strong buyers at all levels from million dollar items all the way down to five dollar items and everything in between. We treat every lot as important whether it be $100. or $100,000. While many auction houses only want your best items leaving you stuck with the rest, we make sure to maximize the value of your entire estate and have the capability to leave your property broom swept and ready for you next step.

We know what we are looking at! Our auctioneers have over 40 years experience and have a wide spectrum of knowledge. We also have specialists in many areas such as fine arts, oriental carpets, furniture, jewelry, clothing and textiles, toys, Americana and more. We also understand how to lot items to bring the highest and best bid and our displays are top rated.

Our advertising campaigns include but are not limited to aggressive Internet placement of auction ads, email list of 5000+, hard copy mailing list of 3000+, print ads in major newspapers and trade publications, professionally written editorials and press releases, direct contact to specialty dealers, our own website, Facebook, You Tube and other social media. We have excellent contacts in the New England media and know how to get attention for our auctions. We’ll put together an advertising campaign for your auction that is custom tailored for your event at no additional cost to you.

Our reputation for fair and honest business practices keeps our auction hall full and our phones ringing constantly. We haven’t carried business cards in over 10 years because all our estate calls come from referrals and our auction attendance numbers are among the highest in New England.

We have two physical locations in Northwood, NH and Seabrook, NH with a third location coming soon and over 20,000 square feet of space, 2 full-time professional auctioneers, 15 employees and a fleet of over 10 trucks, vans and trailers all at your disposal. We are licensed, bonded and fully insured whether we are in our buildings or on your premises so you can have peace of mind.

We put our money where our mouth is so if you prefer, we will purchase your items. Whether it’s single items, entire estates, store closeouts, jewelry, vehicles, collections of any kind, real estate anywhere with quick closings and no inspections or appraisals, we’re just a call away!

From start to finish we are working for you!

For Buyers- If you’re a buyer, Crown Company offers the best merchandise, exciting and fun fast-paced auctions featuring the fastest auctioneers around and a wide assortment of items in all price ranges all brought to you with no reserves and no games! In addition to our estate auctions we also conduct a number of specialty sales per year and a number of estate sales and don’t forget about our wildly popular famous pop up estate tag sales! Whether your a dealer or a retail buyer you can always count on a wide and eclectic assortment of items and a fair an honest auction. Check out what’s coming up in our auctions & events page!

Can’t make it to the auction? We accept absentee bids, phone bids and Internet bidding is available for certain specialty auctions. Give us a call and our friendly staff will assist you.

New to auctions? Check out our Buying Smart tutorials where you’ll learn all about the secondhand marketplace and auctions!


Serving the entire United States- we’ll travel!

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